guest post #20 – Fiona Ritson – @FKRitson

This is why #sharingiscaring is so important. In a bid to excite and develop that ‘thirst for learning’ in students, this is how I’ve spent part of my summer holiday:

@atharby wrote a fabulous blog ‘Beyond PEE: reuniting reading and writing’ which was so good I turned it into a resource:


I cut/paste his list of analytical sentence structures, will then cut into strips, laminate and when students need pushing, inspiration etc they can grab one and use it – or I maybe I’ll just hand out saying you must use this in your writing today.


@RealGeoffBarton has some great resources on his website and I pinched ‘100 words to sharpen your expression.’ For me, student’s limited vocabulary is an issue. So I decided if I take 40 of Geoff’s words, print A3 in advance, then it should be easy to maintain – students will hopefully attempt to use the word of week in their work!

And finally, thanks to @siancarter1 and her revision A4 sheets and @JamieClark85 with some confidence line bookmarks. I merged their resources and made some text bookmarks with information on them, such as themes/context etc.


I hope these three examples alongside the many other resources I’ve created help students improve their writing and/or created a thirst for learning. However, I would never have come up with any of these ideas if the wonderful people on twitter hadn’t shared their ideas and resources.  That’s why #sharingiscaring.







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