guest post #12 – Julie Clarke – @JulieEClarke

No-one ever said it would be easy…

Love Life, Love Learning

Newsflash! Sometimes teaching can be really hard, really mean, and really horrible. But most of the time, in most schools and for most people it isn’t like that.

I don’t think I’m the only one who’s a teeny bit fed up of negative blogs like today’s Secret Teacher which take an experience and then extrapolate to suggest that it is common and widespread. It seems to me we are in danger of being drowned in a tide of this woe-is-me stuff as though we are somehow perennial victims who must forever suffer and who are unable to help ourselves. And I’m a bit fed up of the concomitant SLT bashing as though progress to SLT sees colleagues suddenly undergo a change of personality and professionalism.

As a profession we are constantly subject to negative publicity – as I type I’m listening to a young woman bemoaning the fact that she…

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