my 20 reasons to #LoveTeaching!

Inspired by http://mrjdexter.com/2014/08/22/7yba-teacher-slt-warning-this-set-list-may-change-v1-0/


  1. No day is ever the same
  2. You have the chance to influence the lives of others
  3. In this job you get the opportunity to work with special people
  4. You are constantly helping others learn
  5. You get to be part of amazing days like every exam results day – the best bit of delayed gratification ever invented
  6. You will play an active part in a community
  7. Spotting future talent in Drama productions, Music concerts or at Sporting fixtures and helping them develop is amazing fun and very rewarding
  8. You can create and be part of exciting news ways to learn
  9. Sharing achievements at parents’ evenings is the best buzz
  10. Working with other schools helps you get better
  11. Being part of a very supportive network (twitter) helps keep you positive and will revitalise you
  12. Watching other teachers develop and providing some help leaves a legacy
  13. Cake Club Wednesday – yum yum – and all for charity
  14. Helping those who need it the most
  15. Sports days (and staff events) – remembering the inner child
  16. House activities – bringing everyone together
  17. Working with other agencies and organisations to help students develops your skills of networking
  18. A form tutor job is like having a large family with all of the benefits
  19. It’s great being a role model and inspiring young people (thanks wifey)
  20. Being a teacher is great and telling everyone about it is even better

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