guest post #6 – Nancy Gedge @nancygedge

What do I care enough about to share with you, ready for the new school year in September?


I could tell you about making friends with the photocopier, the secretary, the caretaker and the IT guy. I could tell you to make sure you drink enough water (classrooms are dry places), go to the toilet regularly and protect your voice. Early bed times, don’t go in if you are ill, be kind to yourself; all these things are important too. But if I were really pushed, if someone really pressed me to make a decision, I would say, ‘don’t lose your heart’.

The thing that drives us, the thing that keeps us doing what we do each day is, quite simply, the love we feel for the children in our classes. We want to make life better for them. We want to improve their chances of a decent life.

And remember that it is often the incidentals that show them that you care; it is in the small asides, the little notes, the chats at the door and in the playground, those moments of informality that grow from a well-established relationship.

Get to know them, and let them get to know you.


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