Following the launch of the #sharingiscaring guest blog last Friday I have been overwhelmed by the positive response. As a profession we have the opportunity to have our say and the tools to do it. A chance to be part of the debate about where next for education.

A variety of people have volunteered to write a blog entry loosely based on the concept of #sharingiscaring of roughly 200 words (ish) including an image. I was hoping to try to encourage people who haven’t blogged before to share their knowledge and expertise following in the footsteps of #pedagoofriday, #ff and building on the concept of presenting at a teachmeet or other similar cpd event.


Some of the contributors so far are established bloggers which got me thinking about the original intention behind the idea. Following the support I received to ‘get started’ as a new blogger I wanted to return the favour. For this reason I intend to involve more teachers in sharing their work by using a nomination system. I am going to ask each guest blogger to nominate another teacher (hopefully one who doesn’t blog yet) to write a contribution. Not sure where I magpied that idea!!

So , over to you, Rachel Jones @rlj1981 , Hayley McLaren @hayleymc2222, Tim Taylor @imagineinquiry and Jill Berry @jillberry102. Get nominating.


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