Can you imagine how amazing education and our CPD could be if we had in-built time to share excellence and knowledge? – Lynette Harte @LynetteHarte

I joined twitter in February 2009. I think I listened to something on the radio about Ashton Kutcher and how he was using twitter to beat the paps which got me interested. He was sharing details of his life with Demi in advance of the paps papping him and stopping them from posting it as a story. He removed the middle man. Over time I have also found the concept of sports stars and politicians losing their middle men and communicating with their public. I have, however, cleaned out my account a couple of times to make sure my timeline is de-cluttered of this fluff maximizing the chance of not missing the excellent resources which are shared by the teaching community.

 ed net week

In the next four and a half years I have tried to encourage as many teachers as possible to use twitter to take control of their cpd and access the amazing support which is available. I have emailed individual links and sent them to staff. I have used graphs to help explain the process everyone goes through working out what twitter is about. I have run cpd sessions to support staff to get started and hosted breakfast teaching and learning meetings where we would talk about what resources we have come across each week (over coffee and croissants). I feel like I have been on a mission. I also feel like it is a part of my job and as valuable as anything else I do.

Previously I have used VLEs to share the outcome of collaborative cpd in the schools I have worked in.

  • Why not encourage more teachers to share their work in a more open environment?
  • What might be the impacts of sharing?

I hope every teacher on twitter gets behind the @ukedchat campaign in September to get more educators to share the benefits of social media and integrate it into their working week. Emails have not always existed yet we as a profession have adapted our ways of working to communicate in a different way.

  • Why as a profession can we not embrace more fully the benefits of sharing our work in a different environment?
  • Could every twitter using teacher pledge to encourage a colleague to get involved in this form of sharing starting in September?
  • Could we dedicate more of our cpd time in this way? Every half term?

At the end of my first week blogging I think supporting staff to understand the value of putting their views down for others to read is another mission worth exploring. I hope to ask teachers to get involved in my ‘sharing is caring’ campaign. I have found the #ff and #pedagoofriday initiatives inspirational and I hope we can create something which goes towards encouraging teachers to take up Lynette’s question from the start of this post to and share their excellence and knowledge. At the end of the first week two willing volunteers(!) have completed their first posts and offers are coming in thick and fast. Asking the questions seems to have provoked a very positive response. It is my intention to keep asking the question either at school or on twitter.

Who needs a middle man anyway?

Sharing is caring.


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