sharing is caring

It took me about two years to tweet and not just lurk. Thanks Mr R for the inspiration.

It took me a few teachmeets before I could stand up and share a 2 minuter. Thanks Mrs D for the inspiration.

It took me a few more before I decided it was a good idea to (co)organise a teachmeet. Thanks Mrs H for the inspiration.

It took me about a year to decide to start blogging. Thanks Mrs J for the inspiration.


I have spent a few years on twitter now and it has revitalised my career. The last three schools I have worked in I have encouraged as many people as possible to get involved and I think if I’m lucky enough to work in another three schools then I will do the same again. I find the spirit and the quality of the work shared amazing.

This week I have started my blog and I love it. Following on from the twitter based #ff feeling I thought it would be a good idea to ask for a guest blogger each week to write something for me as part of my ‘Sharing is Caring’ campaign. The topic is open and there will not be a word limit. Hopefully I can inspire someone to get involved in twitter and blogging like the amazing people I have met (so far) through this new style of working.

If you would like to get involved please get in touch. Apologies in advance for those people I ‘convince’ to contribute……


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